Watching Edie


Watching Edie, written by Camilla Way, is one of those stories that will constantly make you question the truth of what you are reading, and the reliability of the narrator. It is the story of the friendship of Edie and Heather. The book transitions back and forth from the POV present day Edie and that of in-the-past-teenager Heather. In the present Edie is pregnant and alone when her old friend Heather suddenly shows back up in her life. Edie is clearly traumatized by an event from their shared past and wants nothing to do with Heather. Through the eyes of past-Heather however, we slowly unravel what happened between the two women so many years ago that has left Edie lost and afraid.

This is a very tightly written book that will keep you guessing and trying to speed through as fast as you can to get to the end. As the book neared the moment of truth from the past I could not put it down; dying to know what happened to cause so much pain. It leads you in one direction only to pull you in another shortly after. It makes you question your perceptions and how easily you can be manipulated by characters you thought you could trust. I for one, did not see it coming. The book moves slowly enough that it doesn’t quite feel like a thriller, but it certainly kept me on my toes and messed with my head.


Twists that didn’t feel forced

Not always sure who the villain is

Seemingly accurate (and sympathetic) representations of postpartum depression and abuse victims


Was often hard to keep the two women straight in my head as the story swapped POVs so often

Not really a con, but the ending seemed unbelievable to me until I remembered that laws in the UK are different than laws in the U.S.

Quotable Quotes:

“He never speaks about her, but you can somehow see the memory of her there still, in his eyes and his smile, the way they do remain a part of us, those people who have hurt us very deeply, or who we have hurt, never letting us go, not entirely.”¬†

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review.

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