The Beauty of the End


tldrThe Beauty of the End is a suspenseful thriller about racing to find the truth, and resolving the past, before it’s too late.


“I was fourteen when I fell in love with a goddess.” Noah is an attorney who has shut himself away from the world when he learns a former love, April, is in the hospital and the main suspect in a murder case. Noah investigates the murder, and April’s past, in order to find out the truth. As he unveils her life it quickly becomes clear that the girl he loved was not who she seemed.


This one was a bit tricky for me. On the face of it, I enjoyed the intrigue and mystery surrounding April Moon and the murder she’s suspected of committing. Noah, however, is a bit of a dolt. It’s pretty clear he was putting April on so high a pedestal that he never really got to know who she was on the ground, in real life. He also does some stuff throughout the book that is arguably stalker behavior. I blame Twilight for leading people to believe that is type of behavior is romantic, when it’s really just creepy.

Anyway, back to the story. Most of this book seems to be following along with Noah as he discovers, bit-by-bit, that he never really knew April, and was apparently the only one on earth who could tell that something was off with her. And everyone is lying, all the time. So often the same conversation happens multiple times before a tiny bit of truth comes out, which can be frustrating.

Another frustrating thing is that the book never really completely resolves. We eventually learn most of the truths Noah was seeking, but we never find out why April does the things she did. It felt like there were too many loose threads for the ending to truly be satisfying.

Overall, it was a decent story, but there were too many annoying things to make it a really good story.

prosInteresting premise

Quality writing

consLack of resolution

Clueless/stalkery main character


“Time is a pulled thread, comes unstitched, as seconds unravel from minutes from hours, then get tangled, so nothing makes sense. Where I can’t think, where night and day, yesterday and tomorrow, truth and lies all merge, are all the same.”

“That however great the suffering, the pain, the futility, we must cling on for every breath, every second, whatever the cost, blind to the truth: that if life is truly unbearable, death can only be beautiful.”

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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