Faith: Issues #1 & #2


Faith is a new comic series penned by Jody Houser, of the Orphan Black comics. The character of Faith as been around for a while, but this new series reinvents the character into the type of superhero this world needs to see. Faith, (under her superhero name, Zephyr) has the power to harness the energy around her, allowing her to fly, move things, and create a protective energy field around herself and others. Under her alias Summer, she works as a reporter (which means she creates quizzes and listicles for a website) by day while she fights crime by night. The main thing that makes Faith so extraordinary, and so normal, is her weight. She’s a plus sized woman, and not in the model-plus-sized-but-not-really kind of way. She proudly wears a tight suit, rather than try and hide her curves and rolls as so many large people are led to believe they should do. She dates hot guys. She flies and fights gracefully. She’s not clumsy or stupid, as so many overweight people have been depicted. No one makes fun of her weight or questions her ability to do things. Her weight is right in our faces while simultaneously being a non-issue. And it’s awesome. Looking very much like Rebel Wilson, Faith is a superhero that many of us can see ourselves in. She also smart, kind, sensitive, and a huge nerd. In short, Faith is my new patronus, spirit animal, and #lifegoal all rolled into one person.

I was given the first two issues to read. In these issues Faith is processing the break up of her former superhero team, adjusting to her new life under her alias, and searching for a missing boy. I was so engaged in the first two issues that I immediately ran out to buy the next two in the series. All four issues have been collected in a paperback: “Faith Volume 1: Hollywood and Vine” and I recommend you immediately read it. Then add the series to your pull list. Then cosplay as Faith. At least, that’s what I’ll be doing.


Funny and entertaining


Easy entry point if you’re looking for a new comic, or wanting to get into comics


None! If you couldn’t tell, I love Faith.

Quotable Quotes:

“Jay was the one who trained me when I first started here last month. He’s pretty cute. He’s also a good example of why you shouldn’t read the comments.”

“Maybe it’s still a work in progress…but it’s definitely my kind of story. (Although a cute mysterious time traveler would also be my kind of story. Just putting that out in the universe.”

I received a copy of this comic from NetGalley in exchange for my unbiased review.

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