End Point


tldrEnd Point is a decent sci fi novel with some interesting ideas and concepts that kept me turning the page, even when the writing did not.

   synopsisIn End Point a team of scientists and military men discover alien artifacts appearing around the globe and causing odd things to happen around them. As they explore each artifact they attempt to uncover the mystery of what is really happening on earth. Are they being invaded? Or just toyed with?


The premise had me really interested in this book, and it started off really strong. There’s some great moments in this book, especially when things really start going wonky. The problem is everything that happens in between, or for that matter, doesn’t happen. The book is a series of events, strung together by loooooong bouts of dialogue that primarily take place in a military debriefing. Each briefing scene goes something like this:

“Here’s what we’re gonna go. I’m gonna pass it off to someone else to explain.”

“Hi. I’m someone else. Here’s what we’re going to do. I’m gonna pass it off to someone else to explain.”

“Hi. I’m also someone else. I can’t tell you everything because it’s confidential.”

Naturally, that eventually got pretty boring. I think Breakspear has some great stories rumbling around in his head, but he could use some work on how they’re delivered.


Interesting story

Great sci fi setting

consToo much explanation that explained nothing


I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review

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