Curious Minds

curiousmindstldrCurious Minds is a fun read full of mystery and snappy dialogue.    synopsis Riley Moon just started a new job for a prestigious banking firm when she’s tasked with handling a difficult client, rich boy Emerson Moon. Riley’s boss has been missing for months and when Emerson finds out, he decides to launch his own investigation with Riley in tow. What follows is a fun and silly unlikely detective story filled with murder, gold, and conspiracy theories.

thoughtsI read a good chunk of the Stephanie Plum series, written by Evanovich, so I thought I’d give her new series, co-written with Sutton, a shot. One of my favorite things about the Plum series is how funny it is, and also how sexy. This one was funny and there was obviously some sexual tension between Knight & Moon, but it wasn’t quite up to the same level. It was funny, but not as funny. Sexy, but not as sexy. Maybe it’s just missing Lula as a sidekick.

Riley Moon was an ok character. She’s smart and driven, with a desire to escape her small Texas town by way of success in the business world. But she went along with the whole thing a little too easily. I think someone with her brains would have put the breaks on this detectiving thing early on as it was clearly on the road to derailing her career. Emerson Knight is portrayed as a sort of super hot Sheldon Cooper, ridiculously smart and socially inept, but also gorgeous with enchanting eyelashes. The chemistry of the two was on fire, but I wanted more long stares and temperatures rising between them. Maybe Evanovich and Sutton are trying to dangle a carrot for the next book?

The story itself is also just ok. I won’t give too much away about the mystery involved, but it all seemed a bit far-fetched. I know, this isn’t a genre you apply too much logic to, but it still rubbed me as implausible. I also don’t really buy Knight and Moon continuing to team up for more detectiving in future novels. Buuuuuuut, that doesn’t mean I won’t still pick up the next one.

prosLight and fun


A new series to get into with my Mom

consA little too unbelievable for my taste

quotes“‘I thought perhaps you were succumbing to my eyelashes.’ Riley took a moment to think about it. ‘Maybe a little.'”

“I think she lived to get even. In the end, she didn’t live at all.”

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my unbiased review.

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