The Best And Worst Of Oscar Fashion

The Academy Awards were last night. Did you watch? I sure did. If you’re keeping track at home I was dead on with my predictions post on Saturday. Most were easy to guess but I’m quite proud I got Melissa Leo right considering most people were guessing Hailee Steinfeld. For my troubles I won an awesome gift bag at my friends party. Among many other things there was a black feathered crown (Black Swan) and a tiny glittery cowboy hat (True Grit). It was quite epic.

Anyway, on to the point of this post: fashion! There were a lot of gorgeous gowns last night. I feel like a lot of people played it safe so there weren’t too many “WTF is she wearing?” moments. There was a scant amount of color on the red carpet. A lot of creams, gold, and neutrals which made it a little bland. If it was a color, it was generally scarlet red. Naturally most of my favorite picks injected a bit of much needed color to the night.

Here are my top 5 favorites:


Hailee Steinfeld


I. Love. This. Dress. It is so pretty and feminine. Not to mention age appropriate. Unlike many other famous teens who choose to dress as sexy as possible in an effort to assert their maturity, Hailee went with something modest but crazy adorable. I also love how different she looks from her character in True Grit! Long gone is the “unattractive to boot” nuisance, hello lovely lady!


Natalie Portman


I just knew she’d look amazing. Natalie consistently shines on the red carpet and last night was no exception. She picked a perfectly cut dress to accentuate her  “I’ve got a baby sprouting” bosom that flowed down gracefully over her belly. And the color is absolutely stunning! One problem I have, her earrings.  Tassels? Really? They looked like they belong at the ends of my curtains.


Mila Kunis


Another beautiful lady kind enough to give us some color at the ceremony. The lace at her bust is ultra feminine while being super sexy without crossing over into slutty territory. I’m pretty sure that had to be taped to her to prevent a little nip slip, but it looked great.


Scarlet Johansson


I have to admit, I’m one of those women who hates her. Hates her cause she’s so effing beautiful. I mean, I’d so go gay for this woman. I’m glad she didn’t disappoint this year. Again, pretty color. Love. Also, lace. Just a hint of skin left us wanting more. Her hair looked great too. Just the right combo of loose curls and a little “bedhead” messiness achieved a glamorous and sexy look.


Amy Adams


It must be so much fun to be a redhead. There are many colors that go well on a ginger and make an outfit pop. Amy picked the perfect color to match her mane. The modest neckline was offset by the form fit and showed off her slim body. I’m not a big fan of her necklace, but I’m willing to forgive her.


Now for my top 5 least favorite:


Cate Blanchett


This outfit could have been great. I love the color. Her hair and make-up are so soft and ethereal. Soooo close. But no, someone had to make a weird picture frame type outline on her chest and stick barnacles all over this perfectly lovely dress. Still, I give her a lot of credit for being one of this few women this year who took a risk. Still love you Cate.


Reese Witherspoon


Reese makes it onto this list solely on the merit of her hair. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a side shot to fully show the extent of this atrocity but trust me, it’s bad. It looks like someone crossed a Barbie doll with a pageant queen. Pageant Queen Barbie. The ponytail is a big poof of fake hair that just might have actually come from a horse. She also played it uber safe with a black strapless dress.


Nicole Kidman


Ah Nicole. So regal and beautiful. And yet so so wrong. She has actually made quite a few fashion missteps in the past so this one will just be added to the list. I’m fairly certain this dress was made by folding a napkin into a Japanese inspired origami dress. Big fashion risk that did NOT pay off.


Melissa Leo


Once an actress becomes crazy famous they usually hire a stylist to get them ready for awards shows. Often the biggest fashion flops are made by women who are just new enough to fame that they haven’t yet hired someone to tell them what to wear. I applaud her commitment to wearing something she loves, but it just didn’t work. The fabric looked like a doily and she had a ridiculous popped collar. I’m sure we’ll see plenty more of her in the coming years and hopefully she’ll pick up a thing or two about fashion along the way.


Gwyneth Paltrow


I’m not a big fan of shiny gold dresses but I actually like this one on her. My problem is her hair and make-up. Her hair is crazy bleached out and I’m pretty sure she just ran a straightener through it before heading to the biggest night in Hollywood. Her make-up is waaay to neutral and coupled with her hair and tan skin almost make her looks ill. Or at least more like a trophy wife spending too much time in the tanning salon.


Well that’s it! All in all and okay year for the Oscars. Now that awards season is officially over everyone will have to go back to paying attention to more important things. 

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