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Speak Friend And Enter

Hello and welcome to my first post! Have you noticed that most blogs use their first post to talk about what the blog is going to be about? I mean, isn’t that what the “About” page is for? What if someone comes to your blog 5 posts in and they want to know what your blog is all about but your first post has dropped to the next page?!! They would be completely lost!! Mayhem would ensue. Ok, maybe it wouldn’t be that bad, but still, I won’t have that.

Instead, I’ll just get right into it.

Geek cred. We all want it. Since technology is rapidly leaving so many people behind, those who understand it best (so-called geeks) become the people everyone relies on for help. Suddenly they’re not so uncool. Also, many things in geek culture are becoming more mainstream.

Because it’s become a lot cooler to be a geek and no longer a stigma, many people are getting into it. Glasses are being worn by hipsters with perfectly adequate vision. Models are donning slave Leia cosplay and saying, “Look boys, I’m a geek too. And I’ve got boobies.” San Diego Comic-Con sellsĀ  out within hours.

So, how in all of this can we tell the difference between those who are truly geeks and those who are just posing? Obviously being into geek culture is a big sign but anyone can claim they’re a Browncoat or a Ringer. I think to truly be a nerd you have to not care what people think of your interests. A poser pretends to like geeky things so people like them. A true geek likes geeky things and hopes people will still like them despite it.

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